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Frequently asked questions

Have a question that's not listed here? Get in touch with our team by calling 020 7183 1580 or using the live chat button at the bottom.

What graphics will you provide me with?

You’ll receive a wide range of ready-to-publish personalised graphics which will include:

• Announcements from Government departments
• Key Government statistics
• Event graphics, for example for Remembrance Day, Christmas and other notable public celebrations and memorial days
• A range of personalised graphics on setup - for example with your contact information, surgery details or any other regular information you need to convey

Some graphics will also be animated with your very own animated signature logo placed at the end.

All you need to do is copy, paste and personalise the caption - and you can have your daily social content done in minutes!

Why do I need help with my digital and creative content?

As MPs' offices suffer ever-increasing pressures from the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, creative social media content often gets pushed to the bottom of the priority list.

Millbank's MP creative and content plans deliver you accurate, researched and creative graphics and captions personalised with your personal branded logo. All you or your team need to do is copy, paste and personalise. We also offer our whole suite of creative services to your office included within the monthly subscription, including cinematic creative video in your constituency.

This creates even more time for your team to focus on the things that matter, like helping your constituents and policy research.

I already get help from my political party's marketing team

Your party's marketing team will publish a limited amount of content for you, however these always contain the Party branding and will therefore not be viewed as much as your official communications output.

You will often not get the personalised support that we offer, tailored to your office and ensuring content is produced about the work you are doing to help your constituents.

Our service to you will never contain any party political material or messaging, and is designed strictly to help you enhance your official communications with all your constituents.

Couldn't I just hire someone in my office to do this?

Using our pooled service not only saves you 72% on an equivalent part-time salary cost, but also gives you the flexibility to choose which IPSA budget you utilise.

We’ve worked with MPs for many years, and know the art of political communications inside-out. Using our pooled service, you enjoy the benefits of experienced political researchers and expert design professionals combined in to one, low-cost monthly fee. You get access to a range of skillsets that one person alone would not have.

As our service is a third party consultancy, you can choose to fund your subscription through your staffing or office costs budget, giving you the flexibility to spend money wherever is best for your office.

What if I already employ someone to do communications?

Our communications support plans sit as a complementary bolt-on to your existing communications function.

Your existing communications role will be balancing a number of priorities in just a few hours a day - writing press releases, speeches, liaising with media outlets, updating your website and physically posting social media content, all of which takes up a lot of time.

A good, impactful social media graphic or video can take up to 1-2 hours to design, and as a result of competing priorities is usually pushed to the bottom of the priority list. Our plans ensure you get daily, personalised content that can be uploaded to all your channels in a matter of just seconds - even if your team are on leave or Parliament is in recess.

As your office gets busier and more stressful, finding good-value, low-cost ways to take pressure away from your team will improve staff retention and boost staff morale, while also improving your image.

Are there any hidden fees?

No. The price we quote for your package is the price you'll pay, and includes support from our entire team of creative professionals to enhance your communications output.

Do you have flexible plans?

Yes. We can build a plan around you, your office setup and your constituency - so you can get the most out of our service. Our standard packages are a guide and are by far the best value for money.

Can you help me for a limited project?

Of course - a number of elected members use us just for limited scope one-off projects or for a short period to help with a staff shortage. We can build a proposal just for you.

What experience do you have?

We're Westminster's leading digital agency - and we've got here by being the best at what we do. Trusted by past Prime Ministers and cabinet members, we know a thing or to about good digital comms. We can provide a number of testimonials from happy past clients.

How long will I be committed for?

12 months is our standard commitment in order that we can be able to provide the resource that you require from us.